Hi, Busy People!

Did you get up to anything epic over the school holidays in July?! We were busy as usual with our regular Tidy Up and Helping Hand Cleans, Deliveries and a few one-off Moving Out Cleans, but I did manage to get back home to Seattle for a quick visit with family. Besides the sight-seeing to iconic places like Mount Rainier, Pike Place Market, and Costco, I was amazed with the comprehensive recycling programs available there. Not only in Seattle can you throw out all of your recyclables together in the same bin without sorting them (paper, glass, cans, plastic and soft plastic), but there are subscription-based curbside services collecting hard-to-recycle items such as batteries, light bulbs, plastic film (think: Ziploc bags and bubble wrap), textiles (shoes, fabric), and more. (Read more here!)

You may be wondering why I’m amazed by garbage, but—as you can imagine—we take out a lot of rubbish from our customer’s households to their bins. So we see a lot of rubbish! And being ever-conscious of how we can be more earth-friendly in our business practice, we do our best to get rubbish in the right bins. We even offer a free service to Deliver our customers’ used aluminium coffee pods back to Nespresso AND bring their soft plastics to collection points for recycling. We don’t charge our customers because we can manage it quite easily and it just seems like the right thing to do.

Let’s cross fingers we get more comprehensive recycling programmes here in NZ sooner than later. 

Have a great August!



We’re over halfway through winter which means it’s time to start thinking about getting organised and having a deep Spring clean! Don’t worry about finding time to clean, My To Do List has got you covered.  From cleaning product deliveries, to our tidy-up service… My To Do List has something for everyone.

You will be amazed at the difference a weekly express tidy-up visit can make!


My To-Do Guru’s are carefully selected for their professionalism. In order to join our team, every To-Do Guru is: Interviewed, identity and referee-checked, vetted for criminal background and credit history, trained, mentored, observed on the job, and up-skilled regularly.

  • You can also rest-assured knowing that every visit to your home is backed by our public liability insurance.
  • Trust is one of our big key values!

Stay warm!

The team at My To Do List