January 2020 – New Year New List


    Wishing everyone an awesome 2020!

    We thank you for all your support and look forward to making your life a little easier in the new year.

    And our hearts go out to the folks and critters battling blazes in Australia.

    For anyone feeling down in the dumps about the environment, I recommend taking a read of the positive stories on Facebook’s @Ecowatch or www.ecowatch.com. You’ll discover stories of hope which demonstrate the fascinating, innovative, persevering actions of people around the world who are determined to make positive change for the environment. (So much TIDY UP on a planetary scale – we love it!)

    My favourite: Prince Williams’ Earthshot Prize of millions of dollars which will be given to five winners a year from 2021 to fund 50 “creative and achievable solutions…to repair the Earth.” And if you’ve got any good ideas, give Wills a buzz.

    Meanwhile, we’ll continue to do our little bit and take our customers’ soft plastic waste and used Nespresso pods away for recycling.

    With love from all the team at MTDL,



    Pam Chapman  |  Director  

    December 2019


    Hi, Busy People,

    With the Silly Season upon us, school graduations, end-of-year parties and sooooo many birthdays (how dare some people be born at this inconvenient time of year!), it made me pause when I saw the following instruction written on the white board at my local yoga studio, Yoga Sanctuary:

    Breathe in love.

    Breathe out peace.

    That’s all.

    And so even in the simplest way, I hope you can find a moment to look after yourself in the midst of looking out for all of the loved ones around you these holidays.

    Failing breathing, I can highly recommend:

    Auntie Mo’s Jingle Bells Christmas Cocktail

    • St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur (fill glass about 1/3)
    • Dry sparkling wine or champagne (fill remainder of glass)
    • Optional sliver of lemon

    After a couple of these, you’ll be one-up on the Silly Season.

    FYI, we’re closed December 25, and January 1st, with limited services running December 26 and January 2nd.

    From all the To-Do Guru Team at MTDL, thank you for all of your support throughout 2019, and we look forward to tackling your to-do list in 2020–



    Our #MTDLHACKS Wednesday series is happening again!

    Christmas is near and we all know it can be quite stressful when there’s a lot of planning, cleaning and organising especially if your relatives are over the holidays. One of the most efficient way is to have a to-do list and make a Christmas plan.

    There are many ways to plan and get the Christmas festive going without any distraction.

    1) Begin in the Bathroom ( as most guest will visit the bathroom after a long trip to your place)
    2) Ready the Manchester ( make sure there’s enough bed sheets or towels for guest)
    3)Simplify your Kitchen ( make sure there is enough space for kitchen ware and throw out ingredients that may have expired)
    4) Decorate the Christmas Tree

    These great tips are from Rug Doctors : https://blog.rugdoctor.co.nz/news/guide-to-preparing-for-a-full-house-on-christmas-day

    It is important to keep our house clean and tidy at all times and not only during festive occasion. Hence, at My To Do List, it is our job to make your to do list ours. We are a cleaning company, firstly, and can do so much more for you!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 💜

    My To Do List Team

    November 2019

    This month’s message is from a special guest who we are very pleased to be working with, Tammy Birch

    I am a Social Worker with The Salvation Army based in Glenfield, supporting families facing all sorts of life challenges. As well as social work, we offer financial mentoring, counselling, Positive Lifestyle Programme, and food bank. A big part of our work is coming alongside other agencies in the community. I have called on My To Do List ‘guru’s’ in various capacities to assist families we are working with. These interventions have made a significant difference and alleviated significant stress. I know the families are very grateful to My To Do List and The Salvation Army for this very practical short term assistance.

    Thank you My To Do List for your generosity of time helping make this possible. 

    Tammy Birch
    Glenfield Community Ministries 

    4 Kaipatiki Rd, Glenfield, North Shore 
    PO Box 40555, Glenfield, North Shore 0747
    P: 09 – 441 2554 
    W: salvationarmy.org.nz

    Give the gift of Relaxation this Christmas

    Christmas is near! Who’s excited for Christmas?! I am!
    Having troubles deciding what to get for your loved ones? Why not gift a certificate from My To Do List. It’s a low-calorie, completely different and very special way to reduce someone’s stress!

    You can gift a one-month of weekly Tidy Ups + Deliveries to an elderly parent, college student, bestie or work colleague.

    MTDL Customer Testimony

    After a weekly Helping Hand Clean which included dinner preparation:
    ” Omg dinner is yummy. Legend! Thank you, especially I have a hangry boy on my hands.”


    Happy November 💜

    My To Do List Team

    October 2019 – 2/3 of 2019


    One of the tasks on my personal to-do list has been to watch the four-part BBC documentary War on Plastic. Knowing that plastic takes yonks to break down and ultimately ends up in our food chain, I decided I needed to act locally NOW! My family love take-outs when we’re out and about, but I rarely remember to grab reusable containers before I leave the house. So I’ve become a Re-stock Drill Sergeant by filling the boot of my car with Clip It containers, plastic forks/spoons/knives from previous culinary escapades, and re-usable cups both for hot and cold drinks, complete with a forest of salvaged straws. (I’ve even labelled everything with the warning “REUSE FOR TAKEAWAYS” so the kids don’t pinch them for their school lunches, so they always end up back in my car. Yes!) Ok, it probably reduces my fuel efficiency by a quarter and my kids do that thing raising one eyebrow when I pull out all this tableware from my boot, but—wow—it feels so good to be reducing that single-use plastic habit. Next step is I would love if some of these restaurateurs would give me a discount for reducing their single-use plastic addiction, as well!

    Keep well,


    MTDL Add-On Service

    Do you have tasks on your home maintenance to-do list hanging over your head?
    -Water blast the drive…
    -Clean the gutters…
    -Plaster and paint a hole in the wall…
    -Repair the deck…
    We get it, that’s why MTDL does more than cleaning: we can organise and manage your home maintenance projects.

    If you have too many OTHER things to do with your time (or just need an expert to get it done right), let us sort it for you with our Add-On Handyman Service.
    Highly knowledgeable with years of experience, wide-ranging skills, and equipment and tools ready for action, get your home sparkling on the inside and out this spring with My To Do List.

    MTDL Customer Testimony

    “Thank you for everything this week. I’ve been working my butt off and because of you the house and my family are ticking nicely.”

    Libby, Riverhead

    Happy October!
    MTDL Team

    September 2019 – Spring Cleaning

    Hi, Busy People!

    So glad to see some sunshine and warm temperatures after our record-breaking month of continuous rain! Hope you kept dry.

    Just a quick Tip for you this month about Health and Safety for when you’re working around your home or office: when cleaning low places (inside ovens, walls, under chairs, low down behind doors) save your back. As much as possible, bend at the knees, squat or lean on one knee on the ground—and work with a straight back. Continuous hunching or leaning while bent over, can cause back strain.

    And if you want to know our secret for getting a streak-free finish on mirrors, taps, stainless steel, etc, try our 2-cloth Method: first wipe with a DAMP or WET CLOTH to wipe away the dirt, then polish the tap or mirror with a very DRY cloth. Voilà! No streaks!


    And if you decide you’d rather have one of our friendly, efficient To-Do Gurus do these tasks for you, just contact us and we’ll free up some time for you

    Have a great rest-of-September


    AUGUST 2019 – Amazing August!


    Hi, Busy People!

    Did you get up to anything epic over the school holidays in July?! We were busy as usual with our regular Tidy Up and Helping Hand Cleans, Deliveries and a few one-off Moving Out Cleans, but I did manage to get back home to Seattle for a quick visit with family. Besides the sight-seeing to iconic places like Mount Rainier, Pike Place Market, and Costco, I was amazed with the comprehensive recycling programs available there. Not only in Seattle can you throw out all of your recyclables together in the same bin without sorting them (paper, glass, cans, plastic and soft plastic), but there are subscription-based curbside services collecting hard-to-recycle items such as batteries, light bulbs, plastic film (think: Ziploc bags and bubble wrap), textiles (shoes, fabric), and more. (Read more here!)

    You may be wondering why I’m amazed by garbage, but—as you can imagine—we take out a lot of rubbish from our customer’s households to their bins. So we see a lot of rubbish! And being ever-conscious of how we can be more earth-friendly in our business practice, we do our best to get rubbish in the right bins. We even offer a free service to Deliver our customers’ used aluminium coffee pods back to Nespresso AND bring their soft plastics to collection points for recycling. We don’t charge our customers because we can manage it quite easily and it just seems like the right thing to do.

    Let’s cross fingers we get more comprehensive recycling programmes here in NZ sooner than later. 

    Have a great August!



    We’re over halfway through winter which means it’s time to start thinking about getting organised and having a deep Spring clean! Don’t worry about finding time to clean, My To Do List has got you covered.  From cleaning product deliveries, to our tidy-up service… My To Do List has something for everyone.

    You will be amazed at the difference a weekly express tidy-up visit can make!


    My To-Do Guru’s are carefully selected for their professionalism. In order to join our team, every To-Do Guru is: Interviewed, identity and referee-checked, vetted for criminal background and credit history, trained, mentored, observed on the job, and up-skilled regularly.

    • You can also rest-assured knowing that every visit to your home is backed by our public liability insurance.
    • Trust is one of our big key values!

    Stay warm!

    The team at My To Do List

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